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The software we maintain is free and open-source. You don't have to pay anything to download, install, and use it.  If you want Artefactual to provide a service in support of the software, you've come to the right place.

 While pricing for enterprise subscriptions and bespoke work varies, below you will find pricing for the services used by most of our clients. If what you are interested in isn't described below, please get in touch.


AtoM hosting

Our service for AtoM, an online archival description and access system.


Starting at $1870 USD/year

Archivematica hosting

Our service for Archivematica, a digital preservation system for making AIPs.


Starting at $11,800 USD/year

Enterprise subscriptions

Our service for a digital access and/or preservation system in a custom environment.


Starting at $27,500 USD/year

Implementation Services

In combination with any of the paid subscriptions above, get support tailored to your specific needs and environment, including training, migration of data into our systems, workflow consultations, and other support services.

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