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Hosting service options for AtoM

AtoM is open-source software and available as a free download at the website.


If your organization prefers not to install and maintain the software, Artefactual can host your AtoM site and provide full technical support for the installation. All hosted services include: installation, performance and security optimization, new release upgrades, nightly geo-remote backup, data corruption recovery, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate, and dedicated email support.  We also offer an option to integrate with Archivematica for an end-to-end digital preservation and access workflow.

AtoM hosting plans do not include site theming, aside from your logo being added. If you would like us to provide a theme for your site that matches your organization’s website, we can do that at additional cost.  We can also deploy a theme that you have created.  If you want us to migrate your data from a legacy system into AtoM, this is also work we can carry out with an AtoM implementation project.

For further information on these plans, please contact or download our features sheet.

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