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The Community

Applying an open philosophy to develop trust

Our code is openly available on GitHub to review, use, study, and change. When we work in the open, we are acknowledging that the code we write does not belong to us. We want to be one among many, a node on a network, rather than an owner of code. We favour collaboration and solving problems together. A strong and vibrant developer and user community is critical to the success of our mission. 

Our Involvement in Community Organizations

We are members and supporters of several organizations including the DPC, OPF, and the DLM Forum.

Ways You Can Participate

Community User Forums

Connect with the community on the AtoM User Forum and Archivematica Community Discussion List

Developer Documentation


Find the AtoM, Archivematica, Storage Service, documentation and all other Artefactual repositories on Artefactual’s GitHub

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