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Archivematica hosting

Archivematica is open-source software and available as a free download at the website.


If your organization prefers not to install and maintain the software, Artefactual offers Archivematica hosting and AIP storage as part of our Digital Preservation Service (DPS). This service supports clients who are looking for a secure preservation system in a cloud environment, defined and supported by Artefactual, along with training on the system, and ongoing consultation.  Our Digital Preservation Service provides:

  • 1 hosted Archivematica instance/pipeline

  • Transfer into Archivematica using SFTP

  • All hosting infrastructure and AIP storage to be located in the selected hosting service geographic region (Canada, USA, UK, EU, Australia)

  • Replicated storage consisting of the primary AIP store and backup storage in 2 geo-remote locations (2 copies of the AIP in total)

  • Configurable ingest, AIP creation, and storage

  • Technical support as defined in the Warranty and Service Level Agreement

  • 1 90-minute online training session

  • 9 hours of individualized follow-up training and consulting

  • Optional (extra charge) integration with AtoM for an end-to-end digital preservation and access workflow

For further information on these plans, please contact or download our features sheet.

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