Artefactual’s Digital Preservation Service

Artefactual offers standard hosting and storage as a part of our Digital Preservation Service (DPS) to provide customers with end-to-end digital preservation. This hosted Digital Preservation Service supports clients who are looking for Artefactual to provide secure preservation systems and storage, training, and ongoing consultation in cloud environments defined and supported by Artefactual.

For details about the Digital Preservation Service and information on pricing in your region or if you would like to discuss how Artefactual can install and maintain a secure digital preservation system in an on-premise (client-defined environment) please contact

Benefits of the Service:

  • Ingest a variety of different file types, including images, text files, audio and video files, PDF files, office documents and forensic disk images
  • Perform standard digital preservation micro-services such as assigning identifiers, generating checksums, scanning for viruses, identifying and validating formats and extracting metadata
  • Generate fully standards-compliant PREMIS in METS metadata
  • Place Archival Information Packages (AIPs) in secure, well-managed, replicated storage
  • Monitor integrity (fixity) of stored AIPs

Users of this service will have access to a robust suite of digital preservation functions via the Archivematica online dashboard. Archivematica is well known for its ability to produce highly standardized and interoperable Archival Information Packages (AIPs); with this hosted solution, these packages are automatically placed into long-term, secure archival storage. For users wanting a complete ingest-to-access hosted service, Artefactual’s Digital Preservation Service provides the option to add AtoM as the web-based access interface for an additional cost.

We offer our hosted Digital Preservation Service in the form of Service Level Agreements and Warranty in 4 different packages:

  • Australian Digital Preservation Service (AUDPS)
  • European Union Digital Preservation Service (EUDPS)
  • North American Digital Preservation Service (NADPS)
  • United Kingdom Digital Preservation Service (UKDPS)

As we aim to make digital preservation accessible, Artefactual’s hosted digital preservation service is available to customers located anywhere in the world.

Artefactual’s Digital Preservation Service Provides:

  • 1 hosted Archivematica instance/pipeline
  • Transfer into Archivematica using SFTP
  • All hosting infrastructure and AIP storage to be located in the selected hosting service geographic region
  • Configuration ingest, AIP creation, and storage
  • Technical support as defined in the Warranty and Service Level Agreement
  • 1 90-minute online training session
  • 9 hours of individualized follow-up training and consulting

As a part of this service, Artefactual also provides secure, replicated storage, which stores at least two copies of AIPs in 2 geo-remote locations (4 copies of the AIP in total). Additionally, all hosted services include installation; performance and security optimization, new release upgrades, nightly geo-remote backup, data corruption recovery, and dedicated email support.

We offer the hosting service at a fixed price plus the cost of how many storage blocks (per terabyte) your institution will require.