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Open | Collaborative | Sustainable | Trustworthy 

We’ve grown since we were incorporated in 2000. Since the beginning we have provided vital expertise and technology in the domains of digital access and preservation. We do this work with the goal of being the most trusted partner for those who care for the world's cultural memory by building knowledge, networks, and tools and contributing openly to a global community of practice.

Artefactual Systems was established as a digital preservation consulting company. In 2007, Artefactual received funding from the International Council of Archives (ICA) to develop an open-source archival descriptive software application that used ICA’s various standards and AtoM was born. In 2009, Artefactual began work on an open-source digital preservation plug-in for AtoM based on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), which quickly became an application on its own, called Archivematica.  AtoM and Archivematica are now used around the world as open-source options for people who want to provide access to and preserve cultural memory.


We build tools that are durable AND responsive, long-lasting AND dynamic. We started by making software for archivists to use in their work and we take an uncompromising view of the long term. We do not believe that digital access and preservation are solved problems; they are an ongoing practice.  Our software is only a means to an end.  We want the data to outlast the systems that built it and be accessible and usable into the future.


Our open approach allows us to be a trustworthy, genuine partner and to bridge the gap between the software we develop and maintain and the organizations that want to use it. We are not only interested in selling our services but also in knowledge sharing and working with our community.

Meet the Team

We are founded in Canada and work worldwide.

Our Clients

Artefactual is recognized worldwide for our open-source software projects, which are used in the solutions and support we offer to our 200+ customers, as well as by countless memory institutions and other service providers around the world. Our clients include archives, governments, academic institutions, community organizations, museums, and other groups that are part of the cultural heritage sector.

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