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Welcoming the Artefactual Maintenance Team!

Artefactual is thrilled to kick off 2023 by announcing our new AtoM and Archivematica Maintenance team!

To begin the process of transforming the way we work and to meet our commitments to our clients and our user communities, we have created a designated Maintenance team for AtoM and Archivematica. This new team will focus on the maintenance and stability of our software so that they remain stable, usable, and secure into the future.

Here at Artefactual we have been talking a lot about the labour involved in maintaining software and how we can better honour that work. The Maintainers will focus and greatly enhance visibility into the effort required to keep AtoM and Archivematica safe and stable,” says Chief Archivist Kelly Stewart.

Our new Maintainers will work to maintain the AtoM and Archivematica code bases and support our service delivery teams by writing new code enhancements, fixing bugs, along with a myriad of other key duties. As experts in our software, the Maintainers will also aim to engage with the community as time allows by addressing community technical questions, responding to code contributions, and assisting with the translation platform.

Please join us in welcoming this new team to the Artefactual family!

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