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Practical guidance on AV preservation

Congratulations to the Digital Preservation Coalition and our colleague Ashley Blewer on the publication this week of a new Technology Watch Report: Pragmatic Audiovisual Preservation!

Digital preservationists will be familiar with the good work of the DPC, including their extensive list of resources that help support individuals and institutions in their preservation efforts. Technology Watch publications “provide authoritative guidance on a variety of digital preservation topics” (DPC). Compiling and distributing knowledge about these topics makes it more likely that the material will persist into the future. AV holdings can seem overwhelming for archivists, as audiovisual preservation often requires specialized knowledge about formats, carriers, equipment and software. This report was written by Ashley outside her work at Artefactual but it covers topics relevant to anyone charged with preserving and providing access to AV.

Artefactual is proud to provide digital preservation expertise through staff members such as Ashley, who is a leading thinker in the field of AV preservation. Artefactual promotes open-source software and standards as the best means to ensure that the evidence of the past can be cared for in the present and trusted in the future. However, we also believe that software and standards are merely the tools used by our team members who bring their ingenuity, know-how and skills to our development, deployment and consulting work.

Artefactual values being part of the global community of practice in the areas of digital preservation and access and we raise a glass to all who share information and advance our collective knowledge in these domains.

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