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Free Beer and Three Letter Acronyms

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Free Beer and Three Letter Acronyms (TLA)

After so many years of saying ‘free software, free as in beer’, Artefactual Systems has decided to pivot from making free software to making free beer. We like software, but we like beer too.

Justin Simpson, Managing Director of Artefactual (MDA), stated “We knew that digital preservation was hard, and that was when we were sober!” Our company mascot, Arty, suggested that it made sense to move from giving away software to giving away beer. Justin agreed and luckily Arty’s brother Sudsy, a cellar manager and brewer, was available to help out with this seismic shift.

We reached out to Paul Hebbard, SFU’s University Archivist, for comment. SFU maintains a substantial collection of archival material related to Beer History in British Columbia, and their name is a three letter acronym, so it seemed a perfect fit. Paul warned, “You should never tease an archivist about free beer.”

Kelly Stewart, Artefactual Chief Archivist (ACA), said “I am fully behind this exciting new initiative (ENI). However, it should be noted that our Cake as a Service (CaaS) platform is still an important option going forward. Cakematica is still on the table.”

Margo Pokorny has been appointed to the new role of Chief Beer Officer (CBO). When asked to comment she said “I love beer” (ILB).

The new website is live now at

Go and subscribe to our TLA Brewing Co (TBC) newsletter, pre-order free beer, and join us on this new journey in bringing the Four Beer Freedoms to the world.

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