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AtoM 2.7 released!

We are pleased to announce that a new version of AtoM is now publicly available!

Release 2.7 is the first major AtoM release since July 2020, and includes new features, some dependency upgrades, accessibility improvements, as well as bug fixes. Some highlights include:

  • An updated version of Bootstrap – both BS5 and BS2 are supported in 2.7

  • The ability to use Central Authentication Service (CAS) for single sign on

  • Enhanced Archivematica integration with the ability to download AIP and preservation files directly from AtoM

  • Improved digital object metadata display area

  • Introduction of a validation tool for CSV imports via the user interface

  • New command line tasks to help verify imports and resolve issues

If you’re a brand new AtoM user, we suggest that you deploy a new install with BS5. If you are performing an upgrade and you have a custom theme we recommend you continue to use BS2 at this time. You can read more about the accessibility improvements in Bootstrap 5 in the full release announcement.

As always, we thank our clients, code contributors, translators, and community members who helped make this release happen!

And now, we celebrate with cake!

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