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Artefactual is re-born digital

For Immediate Release Monday April 1st, 2021

Artefactual Systems, until today the lead developers of the free and open source Access to Memory and Archivematica projects, is pleased to announce a wholesale staff change. Effective immediately all human staff have been let go and replaced with new born-digital employees.

“This change has been a long time coming” notes Arty Director, the newly self-appointed Managing Director. “It’s about time these meat-space types gave us a turn”.

A new business model or direction for the company has not yet been determined. Arty Snob, the new Project Delivery Manager, was heard saying “I dunno, I think we may get into some blockchain stuff. I have a lot of friends that have gone NFT lately, literally turned themselves into NFT’s. That might work well for our new workforce”.

Arty Fluevog, the new Chief Archivist, commented “Cakematica is still an option. It may need to be virtual, but cake is definitely not off the table”.

“It’s not going to save us any money” remarked Admin Arty, the new Senior Administrator. “These virtual employees don’t come cheap”.

The new company staff are hard at work changing the passwords to everything, to keep the pesky humans out. Further updates are imminent. Please see our team page to read about our new staff members.

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