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Artefactual Announces Archival Turn

For Immediate Release Monday April 1st, 2019

Artefactual Systems, until today the lead developers of the free and open source Access to Memory and Archivematica projects, is pleased today to announce a corporate pivot. Instead of developing and distributing free and open source software, the company will now focus on developing and distributing free and open source stickers.

Artefactual has been developing stickers for almost as long as software. “We make just as much money from giving away stickers as we do from giving away software”, notes Justin Simpson, Managing Director. “In fact, from a business model perspective, this is really business as usual.”

When deciding on a new direction for the company, several potential pivots were considered, including Cakematica, a novel CaaS model (Cake as a Service). “I’d say Cakematica is still an option” says Kelly Stewart, Director of Cake Services. “We may pivot again. Cake is definitely not off the table.”

Company staff are hard at work today developing new sticker slogans. Leading candidates for the next batch of stickers include “Archivematica: Hold My AIP”, “AtoM 3: but I wanted pancakes” and “Archivematica is like Vegas – what happens in an aip stays in an aip”.

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