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Digital access and preservation
for a world where cultural memory thrives

Who we are

We are a Canadian professional services and software development company. We are part of a network of practitioners who care for the world's cultural memory, with a focus on digital access and preservation.   We employ a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of technical, archival, and information management expertise.

What we do

We make tools and provide commercial support services for our open source software. We provide technical support and domain expertise to our clients and the community. Access to Memory (AtoM) and Archivematica are the two projects for which Artefactual is most well-known.

Why we do it

We work to help cultural memory persist over time and space by ensuring that the evidence of the past can be cared for in the present and trusted into the future.  We strive to be the most trusted partner for those who care for the world's cultural memory by building knowledge, networks, and tools and contributing openly to a global community of practice.  

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