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Our mission, vision, and core values

Our vision: A world where cultural memory thrives

Our mission: Be the most trusted partner for those who care for the world’s cultural memory by building knowledge, networks, and tools and contributing openly to a global community of practice.

We work towards this mission by consciously and consistently measuring our work against four core values.

Our core values

By centring our work around these four core values, we strive to be the best partner we can be to our customers and to meaningfully contribute to the larger digital archiving community. 

Open: Be Open by Default

  • We value openness as a key requirement for longevity

  • Open standards and open-source software are the best means of fulfilling our mandate

  • We are open to new ideas, multiple perspectives and diversity of opinions and beliefs

  • We value transparency as a way to support honesty, trust, and accountability

Sustainable: Think long term

  • We prefer long-term thinking over short term profits

  • We aim for sustainability in our work practices, to the communities to which we contribute, and to the world at large

  • We favour long term partnerships with our staff, our clients, and our communities

  • We seek to constantly learn and improve, through open and honest feedback, as an essential part of sustainability

Collaborative: Collaborate across boundaries

  • Multidisciplinary teams working together are the best way to overcome wicked problems

  • Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus

  • We value connections between people, teams, and organizations

  • We believe in including everyone. We value differences in who people are, their experiences, and their ways of thinking, when hiring and working with our clients and our communities

Trustworthy: We aspire to be trusted

  • We listen to each other

  • We consider how our words and actions may affect others

  • We assume that our colleagues, customers, and community are all doing the best they can

Working here

The Artefactual team is made up of domain specialists who all take an uncompromising view of the long-term. We value passionate individuals who want to help ensure that evidence of the past is cared for in the present and trusted in the future. 

In 2022, Artefactual transitioned to being an entirely remote company. Even though we all work from where we choose, Artefactual strives to create a cooperative working environment in which staff collaborate and connect formally and informally.

At a minimum, staff are required to have 4 hours of overlap with Pacific Time Zone working hours (8am-4pm).

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