Software Hosting

AtoM hosting

AtoM is open-source software and available as a free download at the website. If your organization prefers not to install and maintain the software, Artefactual Systems can host your AtoM site and provide full technical support for the installation. All hosted services include installation; performance and security optimization, new release upgrades, nightly geo-remote backup, data corruption recovery, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate; and dedicated email and phone support.

The hosting plans described below include some basic site theming. If you would like us to provide a theme for your site that matches your organization’s website, we can do that at additional cost.  We can also deploy your own custom theme.

For further information, please contact You can also download our Features sheet.

Type of planDescription
Standard For institutions or organizations with small to mid-sized holdings, single or multi-repository. Includes 10 GB of digital object storage and severity 1 & 2 issue resolution. (This plan combines previous  Standard Single Repository and Standard Multi-repository plans.)


For institutions or organizations with mid-sized to large holdings, single or multi-repository.  Includes 25 GB of digital object storage; severity 1 & 2 issue resolution. (This plan was previously called Premium.)
PremiumFor single or multi-repository use, with mid-sized to large holdings in a dedicated VM. Includes 50 GB of digital object storage; severity 1 & 2 issue resolution; 6 severity 3 issue tickets. (previously called Premium enhanced.)
Premium+For repositories with large-scale holdings. Includes 250 GB of digital object storage; severity 1 & 2 issue resolution; 6 severity 3 issue tickets. Installation is on one or more dedicated virtual machines and client is provided command-line access to the virtual machines for bulk data imports, digital object uploads and other batch actions. This service level can include an internal staging site plus a public read-only site: see Scaling up with Premium+ hosting for more information.


Archivematica hosting

Artefactual offers Archivematica hosting and storage for end-to-end digital preservation – contact for details.

Artefactual offers Archivematica hosting services in partnership:

Archivematica-as-a-Service, in partnership with the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (Canada, COPPUL members only)

Users of these services will have access to a robust suite of digital preservation functions via the online dashboard. Archivematica is well known for its ability to produce highly standardized and interoperable Archival Information Packages (AIPs); in these hosted solutions, these packages are automatically placed into long-term, secure archival storage. For users wanting a complete ingest-to-access hosted service, all of these offerings come with the option to add AtoM as the web-based access interface.

Key benefits of this service compared to proprietary offerings:

  • All open-source software, meaning no vendor lock-in for your organization
  • Standardized AIPs which can be downloaded and read independently of the software
  • Use of open data standards (PREMIS and METS)
  • Ability to store content at multiple locations with multiple providers
  • Continuous automated fixity checking of stored files by the repository software
  • Ability to download and run the software locally at any time if desired

Use this hosted service if you want to:

  • Undertake OAIS-based digital preservation on limited resources
  • Ingest a variety of different file types, including images, text files, audio and video files, PDF files, office documents and forensic disk images
  • Ingest both digitized and born-digital content
  • Perform standard digital preservation micro-services such as assigning identifiers, generating checksums, scanning for viruses, identifying and validating formats and extracting metadata
  • Normalize ingested files to preservation-friendly formats
  • Generate fully standards-compliant PREMIS in METS metadata
  • Package AIP contents in the Library of Congress BagIt format
  • Place AIPs in secure, well-managed, replicated storage
  • Have the ability to store multiple copies in multiple locations
  • Monitor integrity (fixity) of stored AIPs
  • Search for and retrieve stored AIPs