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The AAG (Artefactual Acronym Game) Instructions

Welcome to the AAG! You probably found your way to this page because you have a limited edition pack of AAG flashcards. You can find instructions for how to play this fun little game below (feel free to add your own house rules!)


Artefactual created the AAG as a way to help digital access and preservation practitioners build our shared understanding of acronyms from many domains - computer science, internet standards, archival standards, digital preservation terms, and many others. These acronyms help us quickly communicate complex and sometimes abstract concepts in a clear, succinct way. But they can also limit collaboration and exclude some of us from the conversation if we don't make sure everyone understands the terms we're using.

This is why we made the AAG: to help practitioners communicate better. We believe that the best approach to solving complex problems is through openness and collaboration, and we hope these flashcards can be a part of that by helping you learn together with your friends and colleagues.


Getting started

Decide how you want to structure your game: split into teams or play round robin style where one person quizzes everyone else and whoever answers first wins. Decide how you would like to determine your rounds (5 cards per round, 1 minute per round, the person answering keeps going until they get one wrong?)

Gameplay & Scoring

Let's goooo


Start quizzing using the teams and round structure you decided on earlier!

You can choose to score however you want, but we have some suggested scoring if you'd like to use that:

  • 5 points: you got the definition right, with different phrasing from the card

  • 1-3 points: you got some part of the definition right (exact points at the discretion of the quizzing team)

  • +2 bonus points per acronym on the back: get bonus points when you define any acronyms that are on the answer side of the card

  • 100 points: you said the definition exactly the way that we worded it (do you work at Artefactual too?)


Who's the BAAAG? (Best at the Artefactual Acronyms Game)

Most points wins! Additional prizes at the group's discretion for funniest answer, most creative thinker, and any other categories you think deserve recognition.

Alternate Versions

  • Flip the script: start with the answer side and ask for the acronym

  • A rose by any other name: have the quizzing team come up with multiple wrong answers for a given acronym in addition to the right one. The answering team must identify the right one

  • Your own brilliant version

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