UBC Library running automated ingest from DSpace to Archivematica!

We are pleased to report that University of British Columbia Library has implemented automated ingest from DSpace to Archivematica for their cIRcle institutional repository! cIRcle is home to a diverse array of digital content produced by faculty and students, including articles, conference and workshop papers, theses and dissertations, technical reports and working papers, books, datasets, learning objects, and multimedia and audio-visual materials including podcasts and webcasts. Ingesting the repository’s 40,000+ items from DSpace to Archivematica means that they will undergo digital preservation micro-services, including file format normalization, and be preserved as durable, OAIS-compliant Archival Information Packages.

Ingest and processing in Archivematica run automatically with no user input and no impact on access to the content in cIRcle. This is accomplished using the ReplicationTaskSuite provided by DuraSpace, which exports content as a set of DSpace Archival Information Packages, and an automated ingest tool developed for Archivematica by Artefactual Systems.

The tools have been running a little over a week, and as of this writing approximately 2,000 Archivematica AIPs have been generated and placed in long-term archival storage. While the current target for ingest is mainly existing collections, the tools will remain active over time, continually polling for new versions of stored items as they are updated by cIRcle depositors. Both the original and updated AIPs will be retained in storage.

Holdings from cIRcle will be added to UBC Library’s already impressive repository of preserved digital content, which is currently at just under 8 TB and counting. Artefactual Systems is grateful to have the opportunity to work with staff at the Library as they continue to play a leading role in the field of digital preservation.

The Archivematica storage tab listing AIPs ingested from DSpace.