Tessa Walsh, MLIS : Software Developer

Tessa Walsh

Tessa joined the Artefactual team as a software developer in March 2020. Prior to joining Artefactual, Tessa implemented digital preservation programmes at Concordia University Library and the Canadian Centre for Architecture as a Digital Preservation Librarian and Digital Archivist, respectively. They are a recipient of a 2019 NDSA Individual Innovation Award and were a 2018 Summer Fellow at the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard University. They hold an MS in Library and Information Science from Simmons University and a BA in English from the University of Florida.

Tessa resides in Montréal. In addition to their work at Artefactual, they are the maintainer of several free and open source software projects that support digital preservation and curation activities, including BrunnhildeBulk Reviewer, and METSFlask. Tessa is continually expanding their technical knowledge and particularly enjoys programming in Python, Django, JavaScript, and Vue.js