Dhwani Patel (she/her) : Archivematica Maintainer

Dhwani has been an Archivematica Maintainer at Artefactual since January 2023. She graduated from Dharmsinh Desai University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. While in college, she had the opportunity to work at one of the biggest power plants in Ahmedabad city. In addition, Dhwani holds a Master of Business Administration with a Finance Specialization from Gujarat University, India. Working in the export-finance domain is one of her rich experiences. 

Dhwani has worked for more than two years as a Full Stack Python Developer which has given her the opportunity to work on both front-end technologies such as HTML-CSS, JavaScript and ReactJs, as well as backend technologies such as Python web-frameworks Django and Flask into Linux-Ubuntu and Windows operating systems. 

The things she enjoys most are trying new foods, exploring new places, reading and surfing the internet.