Consulting Services

Artefactual Systems has a skilled team of archivists, librarians, project managers, systems analysts and technology professionals available to provide consulting services that are complementary to our software development and technical services. We offer capacity assessment, repository planning, digital preservation and access planning, preparation of strategy documents and business cases, project scoping and pilot project services.

Capacity assessment

Our analysts are experienced archivists and librarians with expertise in digital preservation workflows, preservation metadata, description and cataloguing standards, and access management. They will work with you to assess your readiness to preserve and provide access to your digital holdings, using tools such as TRAC, Library of Congress Levels of Preservation, the POWRR checklist or other criteria provided by your institution or by us.

Repository planning

At any stage of repository development, our analysts and developers can help to determine how Archivematica and/or AtoM fit into the larger digital preservation and long-term access landscape in your institution, including what it might take to integrate with systems you already have in place. We can help to scope requirements and put together a comprehensive plan for implementing them.

Digital preservation and access workflow planning

Diverse digital content requires diverse digital preservation workflows. We have helped memory institutions plan workflows for their born-digital archives, digitized content, audio-visual archives, e-theses and dissertations and content from other systems, often with metadata and related documentation and in hard-to-preserve formats.

Strategy documents and business cases

We offer assistance in putting together documentation to make the case for digital preservation and access to stakeholders in your institution. This documentation can be as detailed as needed and can cover budget projections, storage estimates, resource planning and repository implementation planning.

Project scoping

We can help fulfill institutional mandates by performing project requirements scoping and assisting in preparing funding applications and resource requests. We can help your institution with with preparing a grant application or meeting project goals and milestones.

Pilot projects

Institutions considering using Archivematica and/or AtoM benefit greatly from running a pilot project to assess the software. Artefactual provides a local or hosted installation of the software and comprehensive training and consulting, focusing on the institution’s highest priority/most complex digital preservation and access needs. Contact us at for more information or a quote for services.