Artefactual Systems is the lead developer of the Archivematica and AtoM open-source software solutions. While Artefactual gives our software and some limited technical support away for free, we earn our revenue by providing software development, installation, training, data migration, hosting, and technical support services for Archivematica and AtoM users.

We are looking for qualified partner companies that can provide similar support services to users outside of Canada, the US and the UK.

Key benefits for the partner:

  1. Receive dedicated and prioritized technical support for your developers and analysts;

  2. Reduce the time and cost of learning best practice software development and system administration for Archivematica and AtoM;

  3. Increase sales and company reputation through referrals and recommendations from Artefactual for clients and projects in your region, including links from the the Artefactual Partners webpage and an Artefactual Partner logo for your website;

  4. Receive Artefactual feedback on your potential client RFPs and assistance on RFP responses and presentations.

Key benefits for Artefactual:

  1. Protect the quality and reputation of the Archivematica and AtoM projects by ensuring they are represented worldwide by qualified firms that have an active relationship with Artefactual;

  2. Sell ad-hoc or ongoing software development, training and technical support services to Artefactual partners that are working on Archivematica and AtoM projects.

 Key benefits for our clients and users:

  1. Increase the successful worldwide adoption and installation of Archivematica and AtoM;

  2. Bring and retain more technical skills into the Archivematica and AtoM communities;

  3. Diversify the developer base and technical support options to accelerate the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of Archivematica and AtoM, thereby improving community-wide sustainability.

Partner Criteria

Artefactual is looking for partners with shared corporate values, including similar open-source business models, open-source advocacy, community knowledge transfer and commitment to professional standards. Our partners must have proven technical skills and market experience. They should also be active participants in the archives and library professional network in their region.

Above all, we are looking for a high degree of professionalism in client management, communication, project management and risk management. Finally, for practical reasons, all company personnel that will be interacting with Artefactual should have basic English language proficiency.

Becoming an Artefactual partner

Potential partners must complete this partner application questionnaire. Artefactual will either accept your company as a partner candidate or, if it does not meet Artefactual’s partner criteria, will provide advice on what needs to be improved upon before the application is re-considered.

Once we have accepted your company as a partner candidate we will provide you with technical, training and consulting services as needed to get you started working with one or more clients. These services are charged at our standard rate of $130 per hour (for time and materials contracts). After at least one successful client project or code contribution, and when we feel that you have the necessary experience to provide technical services for our software to your clients, we will refer to you officially as an Artefactual partner, put your logo on our website and refer clients to you; you will in turn be able to advertise your company as an Artefactual partner. There will be no cost for this service. Over time, if desired we can collaborate on other development and implementation projects with you, or provide technical support or other services, charged to you at our standard development and consulting hourly rates.