More Olympic records online at City of Vancouver Archives

People may not be aware of it, but there is a direct relationship between the selection of Vancouver as the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the development of Archivematica. A recent story in the Vancouver Courier describes ongoing efforts by City of Vancouver Archives staff to preserve and provide access to the records of the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, highlighting the recent publication of torch relay photographs. From the Courier: “You may be wondering why it has taken nine years for these photos to become publicly available. It’s because before the city archives team could begin tackling the task of sorting through the mix of digital records, they wanted to ensure there was a system that would preserve the files for years to come. City archivist Heather Gordon says since 2008 the team has been collaborating with developers at Artefactual Systems Inc. to create a system called Archivematica.” The Archives uses Archivematica for preserving the original files and generating access copies, which are then uploaded and made available to the public in AtoM. The funding provided by the Archives to help develop and enhance Archivematica has had a major impact on other organizations around the world that use the software to preserve cultural assets, and demonstrates the value of community-driven open-source software development.