ICA publishes position statement on AtoM

Greetings AtoM users!

Since the 2.0.0 release, many users have wondered about our rebranding to AtoM from ICA-AtoM, and what this indicates about the nature of Artefactual’s relationship to the International Council on Archives.

We have addressed some of these aspects in user forum posts such as this one, in which we mentioned ongoing “high-level discussions with the ICA about the nature and future of this relationship.” We are pleased today to point out the recent announcement made on the ICA’s website, referring to this continuing process.

In the announcement, the ICA notes that the “ICA and Artefactual are talking about ways of re-establishing the partnership, on the basis of improved co-ordination supplied by a robust governance structure. This would help to secure the necessary funds for the long-term development of the product in accordance with an agreed route map. The needs of the user community will of course continue to be paramount.”

We are happy to add that Artefactual’s President, Evelyn McLellan, will be attending the upcoming ICA annual meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland, September 28-29. At the conference, we hope to provide further details about this renewed partnership. We’ll be sure to update our user community about these exciting developments as they unfold, via tweetsUser Forum posts, and the Artefactual Systems website.