Custom AtoM themes

If you have developed your own theme and would like it deployed as part of an AtoM instance hosted by Artefactual, we will can add an additional fee to your annual hosting price. This covers initial code review and deployment of the theme, along with basic maintenance support as part of your plan throughout the year. If you are signing up for a Premium or Premium+ hosting plan, a hosting support ticket may be used to cover these costs.

This fee does not cover additional time to troubleshoot the theme if there are problems with the code, nor does it give you access throughout the year to make changes and have us redeploy it; should you need to update your theme mid-year, additional charges or hosting tickets would apply.

For the security of Artefactual and all of our clients, we must perform code review on any custom theme to ensure it meets our recommended AtoM coding standards and development guidelines. You can find further resources on theme development and our recommended coding guidelines in the following links: 

Theme development overview



General development resources

Wiki resources:

Code overview slides:

AtoM development slides:

Coding standard:   

Code review process:

Community development guidelines: