AtoM theming

Out-of-the-box theming capabilities

AtoM comes with a number of plug-in themes that can be used as defaults. AtoM also allows the user to customize the theme via the user interface by changing the institutional name, adding a logo and adding a photograph and text to the front page. Here is an example of an AtoM page that has had changes made entirely through the user interface:

Some other basic theming options can be implemented by the user, while more extensive changes require development. See the AtoM user manual for more information and instructions for basic theming tasks. If you would like Artefactual to develop an institutional theme for your AtoM instance, Contact us at to discuss your requirements or to request a quote for services. The following theming options and examples can provide a framework for determining what might best meet your requirements and budget:

Paid theming options

Basic: Change basic colors and make other simple changes throughout (header bar colors, link colors, etc). Examples: theme screenshot

Custom homepage: Customized development of the homepage. Examples:

Comprehensive: Extensive custom theming throughout the application, including including link styles, menu styles, background, custom header and/or footer, page elements (etc). Examples: (United Nations Archives, shown in screenshot)