AtoM 2.6 released!

An image of the AtoM 2.6 release page on the AtoM wiki

See full AtoM 2.6 release details on the AtoM project wiki

We are very pleased to announce that a new version of AtoM is now publicly available!

Release 2.6 is the first major AtoM release since May 2019, and includes many new features, some significant performance enhancements and dependency upgrades, as well as dozens of bug fixes. Some highlights include:

  • A new HTML5 media player
  • A detailed physical storage report
  • The ability to link physical storage containers to accessions
  • The ability to search authority records by relationship type
  • A complete overhaul of the authority record import templates
  • A lot of new options added to the digital object load command-line task
  • An upgrade to MySQL8 and a number of accompanying performance enhancements
  • Google Tag Manager support for custom analytics

And plenty more!

We’ve closed 116 issues as part of this release – you can view more details on each ticket in our issue tracker at the following links:

Visit the AtoM Downloads page to download the most recent release, and consult the 2.6 Upgrading and Installation guides in our documentation for further information. Thank you so much to all our development sponsors, code contributors, translators, and community members who helped make this release happen!