Artefactual to participate in PREFORMA project!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be working with our colleagues at MediaArea as they develop file conformance checks for FFV1 (a lossless video codec), Matroska Multimedia Container, and Linear Pulse-Code Modulated Audio (LPCM) as part of the PREFORMA project. MediaArea are experts in multimedia file formats: the MediaArea team has worked on several software tools used in preservation data conformance, including MediaInfo, a tool to extract metadata from audio and video files, and Bay Area Video Coalition’s QCTools project, a tool that performs quality control checks and analysis on digitised analog video. Artefactual will assist MediaArea with requirements and testing during the development phase, and will integrate selected tools and processes into Archivematica and the Format Policy Registry in order to provide users with more robust preservation functionality for their audio and video files. More information is available on the MediaArea and PREFORMA project websites.