Archivematica 1.7 released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Archivematica 1.7 and Storage Service 0.11! There are a number of useful new features and bug fixes in this release. We’ve posted full release notes on the Archivematica wiki but here are some highlights:

  • Internationalization/localization – the Archivematica interface and documentation can now be translated into other languages! Please see the release notes to see how you can contribute and request languages. Thank you to sponsor Canadian Council of Archives (with funding from the Documentary Heritage Communities Program at Library and Archives Canada).
  • AIP encryption – the ability to use the Storage Service to encrypt AIPs and transfers sent to backlog. Thank you to sponsor Simon Fraser University Archives!
  • Shibboleth and LDAP integration – thank you to sponsors Jisc, MoMA and International Institute of Social History!
  • MediaConch integration – for matroska format validation and a/v policy checking. Thank you to sponsor PREFORMA Project!
  • Handle Server integration – associate persistent identifiers with AIPs, directories, and objects. Thank you to sponsor International Institute of Social History!
  • Assign UUIDs to directories and record empty directories – thank you to sponsor International Institute of Social History!
  • Run Archivematica without Elasticsearch index to improve performance – thank you to sponsor Columbia University Library!
  • New README file in the AIP – thank you to sponsor Denver Art Museum!
  • Improved capture of file last modified date – thank you to sponsor Bentley Historical Library!
  • Updated and improved installation documentation, with significant proofreading contributed by our colleagues at Columbia University Library. Thank you!

There are a number of other changes and bug fixes, described in the release notes.

Our thanks to all the community sponsors who made this release possible and our thanks in advance to all of you for trying it out and contributing your feedback.